Zenobia has lived in BC since 1975.   “Scribbling” was a constant hobby as a child and young adult.  A full-time study of visual arts was not an encouraged career choice.  Instead she qualified as an accountant and fed her creative needs with sewing, quilting, design and more scribbling.  In 2008 there was a strong pull to immerse herself in the world of colour. Watercolours had been favourite childhood companions and it was euphoric to jump back into that world.

Her artistic skills have been self-taught, augmented by workshops, at Langara College, Confederation and Shadbolt Centres in Burnaby.  Greatly encouraged by her instructors Gabriela DiaConnu and Jacquie Manning watercolour painting is a daily passion.

“Watercolour is therapeutic.  The left side of my brain loves control, yet it is the very loss of that control when colours and water hit the paper which thrills and liberates me to the other side.  While the transparency and luminosity of watercolour on paper continues to inspire me, the process of stopping in time to keep a fresh look has been painfully learned over the years.

My favourite exercise is to travel with a sketch book and record flashing scenery while it is still fresh in my mind.  My travelling companions long aware of my sketching habits, patiently wait for me to record that disappearing chicken or curve in the road.  I silently thank them for this indulgence. 

A perfect “end of the day” experience is colouring in the day’s sketches in my hotel room that evening.”

Zenobia is a member of the Vancouver Sketch Club since 2008 and the Burnaby Artists Guild since 2012.  She is an Active member of the Federation of Canadian artists since 2015.

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About the Artist


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